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Re: [IP] The skinny on Diet Coke

On 11 Aug 00, at 12:59, RoseLea wrote:

> Ok, there's been a lot of discussion about a trace of sugar being found in
> Diet Coke.  Since I'm a Diet Coke drinker I wanted to get some information
> on this, so I called the Diet Coke Consumer Information Hotline at
> 1-800-438-2653 (the number is on the can).  

They also had a massive recall because they've gotten the wrong stuff in the 
bottles labelled diet coke...  And they still claim to have not gotten the
lab reports back from when I called them with my complaint before 
Christmas...  I check my basals weekly, and as long as I don't drink 
the "diet" Coke things are OK.  A regular coke and a "diet coke" turn the 
test strip bright blue at the same speed and intensity, at least from the 
bottling plants in this area.  When I was in Philadelphia this spring I bought 
some Diet Coke because that was the only diet drink that was available at 
the "Wa-Wa" stores (I think the name is because that's the sound the 
customers make because the stores are so small and carry so little variety).  
When I checked them (OK, after 18 years I'm a little over cautious) they 
did not turn the strip blue and did not raise my bg when I drank them.  

Figure that one out - the CocaCola people said "That's impossible" and sent 
me more coupons...  I still think they are fudging on the numbers somewhere, 
or their quality control person got laid off during the downsizing last fall...

I can also drink coffee (when I can find some strong enough!) and tea in 
rather large quantities without any problems.  It's about time for a batch
of sun tea - that's where you take the jug, put cold water and tea in it and 
sit it on a stump, fence post or deck railing all day.  By sundown it's ready... 
You just want to get it at least three feet off the ground, especially if
you have a dog...

> I'll probably get flamed for this but
> this is my 2 cents worth and what I found out on the Diet Coke issue.

No flames, but when it turns the strips blue and turns the old urine test
strips green it must have a significant amount of sugar in it.  I'm still 
betting on a non-sugar sugar.  Sucrose is probably what they told you
about, but many of the plants that make aspartame mix it with maltose or 
one of the other non-sugar sugars...  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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