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[IP] getting a 3rd Accuchek advantage..trying

HI all-
 I'm sorry if this sounds weird or even picky..but...
ok, I have 2 advantages..I like them (don't love them
and have other meters i'd rather use but i have so
mnay comfort curves nad insurance is such a hassle
it's not worth switching)..anyhow, last year i had a
meter at home and one for my backpack...it worked, i
guess after gschool and my experiences of being able
to always hav ea meter without having to move it from
school to my backpack to my purse to work and back at
11pm before forgetting to take it again..i enjoyed
that..i am hoping to get a 3rd one (sorry, i don't pay
for meters) and was wondering if y'all though Accuchek
is kind enough just to send me one....I haven't
called, and actually have never gotten a free meter
over the phone from them....everytime on the phone
they seem only to want $, so was wondering....i know
the rebate thing, etc, etc..is there a limit on that?
I did that for one of my advantages and was thinking I
could do that again b/c I think I have a fasttake
somewhere which I could trade in...does anyone know if
a company has a limit on th is or not? I don't *need*
3 meters, but with my schedule and all that it's
easier to be able to leave one somewhere and not
always have to take it from one bag to another or not
have one.....one day, i will actually *remember* to
move it:-)..... think accuchek will go for that? I'm
thinking 1 for home, 1 for purse (work, etc, i'm out a
lot) and 1 for school/backpack..... i know lifescan is
good about school meters but is accuchek?

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