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Re: [IP] Where are the good endos?

email @ redacted wrote:
> I am very insulin sensitive and lately I have had fluctuating basals.  If I
> go up .1 in my basal I may run low and if I go down .1 I go high.  

One of the ladies in our local group is just that sensitive, so her
solution was to dilute. If your pump thinks it's giving you  0.1, and
you've diluted to U50, then you're getting 0.05, which might be the
increment that you need.

You can get diluent from your pharmacy -- they might have to order it,
but they can get it from Lilly. 

Another person's solution was to alternate basal rates: 0.3 for one hour
and 0.4 for the next. 

I don't know if either of those ideas would work for you, but I wish you
success in your efforts!


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