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Re: [IP] re all this diet soda info

Amy wrote:

>>I have at times wondered, when I drink Diet Mountain
Dew..usually a 16 oz bottle I see 300s, and I've only
really noticed this jump on days I drink Diet Mt.Dew....
 Do many people out there notice a rise, or is thatonly referring to diet

Amy,  I think the discussion is leaning towards the caffeine in regular Diet
Coke leading to raised bgs in SOME people.  I would think that perhaps since
regular Mountain Dew is known to have the highest amount of caffeine of any
sodas, perhaps the Diet Mountain Dew is also high in caffeine.  Look on your
can or bottle of Diet Mountain Dew and see if there's a 1-800 # for Consumer
Information.  Call them and ask about sugar and caffeine in the soft drink.
I would think that the makers of Dr. Pepper would also have a # you could
call to ask.  Diet Coke told me that there is .08g of sugar in 8oz of Diet
Coke which is such a miniscule amount that you would, I think, have to drink
about 15 per hour in order to see a rise in bg from this.  But, as always...

RoseLea, who only drinks one caffeine Diet Coke per day...

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