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[IP] Where are the good endos?

I have a frustrating situation.  My medical group has ONE endo for the whole 
group. Although, he is nice I have been somewhat frustrated with the care and 
help I have received from him.  In Feb after having many lows and trying to 
adjust basals on my own I went in to see him and his only suggestion was to 
switch from Novolin R to Lispro.  My last primary care doctor was an endo and 
I could talk with her regarding problems I was having and she would usually 
give me a few suggestions to try. Now I feel as though I am on my own and 
since there is only this one endo within my medical group I have no where to 
turn for help.  

I am very insulin sensitive and lately I have had fluctuating basals.  If I 
go up .1 in my basal I may run low and if I go down .1 I go high.  I really 
would like an endo I can talk to and work with.  Does anyone have any 
suggestions?  Has anyone gone outside their medical group to see and endo?  
Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I am currently doing the bloodsugar 
roller coaster and would really like to find some help as I've just resorted 
to trying to control it on my own.

Thanks for listening,  Linda
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