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[IP] ] vision lost/blindness

My deepest sympathies!!!  I DO know how you feel.  Would a vitrectomy not 
help?  i have had them on both eyes, and with glasses am corrected to 20/20, 
after being 20/zip for over a  year in my right eye!  I hope you clear fast - 
keep your head elevated, no bending,  no lifting...and avoid Lows at all 
costs....they cause more bleeds.

As far as visually impaired pumpers.  Di Maynard is on the IP UK mail list.  
If you check the web site for email addresses, you can find her.  She is a 
pumper and has ffairly impaired vision.  She is a wonderful, upbeat positive 
person who may have some insight into what you are looking for.

There is also software that will read your email for you, and type it out.  A 
lady named debbie scales used to be on this list, not sure if she still is, 
but she made use of the software

Good luck

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