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[IP] C-Peptide test

Having asked about it a while back, thought I would report on my experience 
with the C-peptide test. The one they did on me cost $56.50, and gave results 
in pmol/L, with 170-900 being the normal range.  My result read "less than 
33", which the lab person told me meant not enough to be measured (after 
being diagnosed 45 years ago at age 8, it sure would have surprised me to 
have measurable endogenous insulin production).  Of course, Medicare has it 
written in its new regulations that one has to have a C-peptide level of less 
than 0.5, and that was certainly the scale in which my doctor had been 
thinking, so don't know whether the lab at my local hospital is leading the 
way or just making things more difficult.

Linda Z
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