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Re: [IP] ADD and the pump

  The next time anyone suggest putting a 4 year old on heavy
med.Rit(can't sell it either) you ask for a signed waver stating they
take full responsibility for his mental and health disabilities that are
caused by rit..  Second, After being a Diabetic for 39 years  I can tell
you,  highs and lows affect your mental processing as well as your
personality.  I have a Brother who also has Diabetes and it affects him,
you can recognize his highs and lows..
  So look at your friends with 4 yr olds. How do their children act? 
Maybe your child is gifted, Curiosity is a sign of intelligence.  Look at
the positives of your child.  Find some way to funnels that energy into
constructive learning.  Tell Day care, Being a Diabetic doesn't make him
any different than any other child and don't expect different behavior
from him!
Still waiting for my pump
Old Di
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