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[IP] Re: ivision lost/blindness & managing with the pump ?

Hi Lisa,

Very sorry to hear about your vision.  I can't offer advice on pump use with
poor vision but I would like to suggest that you ask your doctors
(endocrinologist and ophthalmologist) something.  If your diabetes control
was poor before starting the pump and you gained very good control after
starting the pump it MAY not be healthy for your eyes.  There is documented
evidence that significant and rapid improvement in blood sugar control
worsens diabetic retinopathy.  It is often a temporary worsening that might
be avoided by establishing tighter control more slowly so the eyes have time
to adjust.  I hope I am not intruding but it might be worth discussing with
them.  I hope your vision continues to improve.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 -  6/9/98

> Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 05:32:54 -0400
> From: Cocuzza <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] vision lost/blindness & managing with the pump ?
> Hello everyone, I would like any kind of insight on using the insulin
> pump and being visually impared.  When I woke up this past Friday, I was
> devestated.  I could not see.  I lost my right eye to diabetic retin.
> last year, so all I was depening on was my left.  I went on the inuslin
> pump in May and love it.  I've been constantly to the eye doctor to keep
> a close eye on my vision and until friday I was at a very good
> standstill.  It seems I now have a hemorage in my eye, which thank the
> heaven above, my sight has been improving.  At least now I can read my
> glucose machine and my insulin pump.  Friday scared the daylights out of
> me and I know its reality that someday I may be totally blind and I just
> wanted to know if there is anyone out there on the insulin pump who is
> visually impared and how you managed.  What kind of devices and such are
> there to help.  I called the Commission of the blind today and they
> really didn't have much to say about the insulin pump and help so I
> called Mini Med.  I really didn't get much information except the basics
> except to buy a magnifying lobe w/ light and then to use the audio sound
> to deliver insulin, but we all know there is alot more to just
> delivering insulin.  I just wanted to get any information that I could
> just in case it gets worse, hopefully it will keep improving.
> If at all possible please email me directly, therefore my husband can
> retrieve my messages and print them out for me to read.  Trying to
> explain to him how to get to this website and chat is a chore in itself.
>  Gotta love him.
> Thank you,
> Lisa

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