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[IP] Peanuts and Coke

Okay, I have been lurking for some time and finally have to put my penny in
here about the diet coke.  My son, almost 9 is on the pump. dx 12/19/97.  He
occasionally drinks diet coke and has never had a problem with it.  I use
diastix to check for sugar in sodas out and about and must admit that I have
used quite a few sticks since this post started to check every diet soda can
or 2 ltr bottle that has been opened in this house and all so no sugars.  By
the way, the diastix turns dark seriously fast if put in a drink of any kind
that contains any kind of sugar.
And, about he peanuts and Coke.  I am from the northern part of Lousiana and
am currently in Lake Charles, LA and there is nothing better that a
bottled(glass) of coke with peanuts poured in....salt and all.  And, there
is no PERIOD in DR..............just had to put my southern belle pennies
worth in..........thanks for all the help you guys have been giving
me.......Dawn, Mom to Ryan

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