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[IP] re all this diet soda info

 If diet coke has some carbs as miniscule as it may
be, does that mean other brands do too?
 I drink like 5 (at least!) Diet Dr Pepper cans a day,
I AM addicted and I know it, but would that really
affect bg? people (not on this list, although I'm sure
some feel this way) think that diet soda and caffeine
are bad for you..and then there are the people against
nutrasweet..but really, if it effects bg (i haven't
noticed but look atr my control, so i wouldnt' be
surprised!) that's something to consider.
 I have at times wondered, when I drink Diet Mountain
Dew..usually a 16 oz bottle I see 300s, and I've only
really noticed this jump on days I drink Diet Mt.
 Do many people out there notice a rise, or is that
only referring to diet coke?

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