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Re: [IP] Eileen and her new pump

On Sat, 12 Aug 2000, Yvonne Nicolas wrote:

> Hi
> Just wanted to let everybody know that after having an awful week with very 
> high bgs, things are evening out. Endo raised basal rate by .01 and things 
> are better. Still am getting very high bg after a set change, even though I 
> leave the old set in for 2-3 hours as was recommended to me by several 

Part of the bg rise might be due just to stress. However, it is important 
to double/triple check that all the priming steps have been correctly 
completed and that there is no air in the system.

pre prime manually by pushing the syringe in until the tube is full of 

put syringe in pump and
prime pump as recommended by mfg (5u)

connect and prime for set volume 0.8u for sil/tender/comfort set
0.5u for sofset.

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