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Re: [IP] vision lost/blindness & managing with the pump ?

Contact the National Federation of the Blind as they have a newsletter
called the "Voice of the Diabetic." There a quite a few people that have
visual impairments using the pump.
   I've only had the use of my left eye for most of my life, and went on
Disetronic because 7 years ago it was the only one with the wudible bolus
feature. MM now has the audible and vibrate modes for their boluses, and
while these EAT batteries, Peace of mind is priceless. I still use my
Disetronic-got it upgraded lat year.
   I can't find the darn phone number for the NFB, but the 1-800 directory
should have it 1800-555-1212.
   For the web, if you want to try out some of the Voice to text systems,
check out Dragon Naturally Speaking- a program where you can talk and it
will type. There are also test readers on the market one I have is called
"Now you're talking on the web and more" by Lenout and Hauspie.
   You will need serious computer memory for these, I have 256MB SD-RAM and
a 30.0GB Hard drive, and freed up 72% disc space. The actual use of these
products request 32MB.
   If you are with the Disability advocates such as the Braille Institute or
some such thing, ask them about "Jaws for Windows" another reading program
which we use at the disabled Hi-Tech Center at out Community College. A
company called "Maxi-Aids" can help you, they too have a 1-800 number
   They have braille overlays for your keyboard, and these have large print
letters too. They have an extensive catalogue for visual and adaptive aids.
You can call them and get some stuff to help you out.
   I'm sending a copy to the list as well as this is an issue for anyone
with diabetes and the possability of sight loss.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Cocuzza" AM
Subject: [IP] vision lost/blindness & managing with the pump ?
> delivering insulin.  I just wanted to get any information that I could
> just in case it gets worse, hopefully it will keep improving.
> If at all possible please email me directly, therefore my husband can
> retrieve my messages and print them out for me to read.  Trying to
> explain to him how to get to this website and chat is a chore in itself.
>  Gotta love him.

> Thank you,
> Lisa

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