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Re: [IP] Caffine raising BS?

I've drunk large quantities of brewed tea for many years (by large
quantities I mean around a gallon a day, and by brewed I mean put the tea in
the water and leave it there until it's all drunk up).  The charts all say
tea has less caffeine than coffee, but it wouldn't surprise me if what I
drink is more comparable to double-shot expresso :)

Anyway, none of the bad things that are supposed to accompany caffeine
addiction have happened to me.  I can go several days without any tea,
without getting a headache or noticing any difference in my alertness level.
I can drink tea in the evening with no consequences in my sleep except
needing to get up to use the bathroom.

I guess my point is that probably for some people, caffeine raises BG, for
others it may (although I've never heard of it happening) lower them, and
for some, like me, it has no effect one way or the other.  My explanation of
the phenomena (which I made up myself and would be glad to be corrected on)
is that for some people caffeine sets off adrenaline or something similar
which makes their livers dump glucose.  I know my mother is sensitive to
caffeine (but not diabetic) and the effect on her is a racing heartbeat
similar to what happens if she's agitated.

BTW, I drink so much tea because I like tea, and don't care for water.  I
don't have any kidney problems, etc. that make the amount I drink
problematic.  Nor is it high BG making me thirsty (I know what that is like,
and it's a different kind of thirsty :)

Just a theory,

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