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[IP] Insulin/Carb ratios -- Jane

Jane asked:

>>I did not know how to express
my bolus rates - HOW do you do that?  What do I say - OK, for a slice of
bread, I bolus 1.7?  Do you say it by carbs?  I've seen people on here say
their rates are 1:7 or 1:15 - what does that mean?  <<

Jane,  when a pumper says their bolus rate is 1:15, they mean they bolus 1
unit for each 15g of carb.  What I do is total up all my carbs for a meal,
then divide by 15.  That tells me how many units of insulin to take for that
meal.  You are counting carbs?  In your example with the slice of bread --
my Nickels Cracked Wheat bread is 17g of carb per slice, so using your 1.7u
bolus that would be 1:10 or 1 unit per 10 g of carb.  It would depend on how
many grams of carb is in your slice of bread.  Some breads have more carbs
some have less.  I read the labels (they all show how many carbs in one
serving and what the size of the serving is) and I have a book of carb
counting which helps also.  Hope this helps you out.  If not, you can email
me and I'll try to help some more.  :o)


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