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Re: [IP] yet another post on coke

Sara wrote:

>>just a point of information that there is a known connection between
and higher blood sugars...NOT everyone has this reaction, but some
do...before you blame Coke for having sugar in it, try drinking black coffee
a few days in a row and see what happens to your bg. Of course, you may NOT
have a reaction to caffeine, adn you very well MIGHT have gotten some of the
same tainted batch that Randall was talking about, but as with everything
else with diabetes, there is NEVER a simple single solution to any problem<<

Thank you Sara.  I was wondering if there was some connection between the
caffeine and higher bgs in some people.  Everyone's talking about sugar
being in Diet Coke (there is, but a very small trace, not enough to raise
anyone's bg -- .12g of carb in 12 oz -- that's point one two) I wondered if
there was another factor here.  I have been enlightened.  :o)


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