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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #403

OK< all you pumpers!  I've only been pumping since January 1999.  My old Doc
retired, who saw me through my hypoglycemia-pumping transformation.  Then my
new Doc wanted to know my rates of pumping.  OK, my basals are pretty much
fixed, although I still am working on them.  I did not know how to express
my bolus rates - HOW do you do that?  What do I say - OK, for a slice of
bread, I bolus 1.7?  Do you say it by carbs?  I've seen people on here say
their rates are 1:7 or 1:15 - what does that mean?  I am not only frustrated
with this pump which I cannot make work, despite 35 years of diabetes - no
complications, luckily - but I cannot answer my Doc's (or anybody else's
questions).  I just met my first real life pumper today, and altho' I could
express my different basal rates to her, I couldn't tell my current/new Doc.

Thanks, Jane (who finds this list incredibly useful)

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