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Re: [IP] Re: HTML

At 10:05 PM 08/11/00 Keith Johnson wrote:
 >(Now, did I follow the rules myself? Let's see: changed the subject... sent
 >a cc: to Sam... quoted only a small amount... my .sig is four lines long,
 >and that's usually considered the maximum, and they're short lines... hmmm,
 >I guess I'm wasting bandwidth right now, but not that badly... I'm still
 >on-topic... no attachments... no personal attacks or other flames... no
 >really terrible puns... yeah, I guess I'm OK!)

I didn't really score your message for pumper correctness. In fact, my "IP 
Message Rule-Following Machine" isn't working right now. Neither is my 
flame-o-meter. <vbg> Actually, most of us admins are busy enough that we 
really don't go looking for trouble. Honest!! :-)

One day, if there's any interest, I may post a message as to what the 
admins really do around here. You may be surprised.


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