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[IP] Pump Groups

Just had to put my 2c in: we have a wonderful little group here in Reno,
Nevada, and I have found it lovely, particularly because it consists of
intelligent folks around my own age who are very pro-active about their
diabetes and willing to talk about it. 

They are all working people dealing with the realities of very active
lives; sessions are usually very upbeat, and everyone is interested in
new experiences and new possibilities. 

I think the thing I like best is that everyone is interested in being an
active participant in their own diabetes care -- the times I've been
frustrated in the past (in other groups) have been when someone
complains about bad control, and when you ask what they're doing about
it, they say they're following doctor's orders -- even when it's
obviously not working! Or even worse, when people are fatalistic about
their control, and don't even want to know they could have things


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