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[IP] 5 hours

Munzil wrote:
>  infusion set fell out (8:30 p.m.). I went home, put new one in, tested 
>  11.4 (205.2)  bolused unit and went to bed. woke at 3:00am tested 
>  my sugar, 23.3 (419.4). I changed set, bolused 12 units and went back 
> to bed. I woke up at 9:00 am. checked sugar it was 19.6 (352.8) 
>  I skipped breakfast and bolused 9 units (after changing set again) 2 
> hours later my sugar had not fallen but gone up

OK I edited your post down...and here is my "take" on the situation.  I dont 
know your bg BEFORE you worked out, what you had eaten before or after or 
what your bg was after the workout, but if you are like many people, you may 
experience a RISE in bg after working out.  This is very common and is due to 
your body needing and not having enough blood glucose to operate during the 
workout, so the liver responds by dumping in sugar-raising hormones like 
glycagen.  So at the same time as you have no in-coming insulin, your body 
thinks you need energy so it is furiously churning out sugar...I would bet 
that you caught that 205 as it was on its way WAY higher, so a measley one 
unit was not effective.  

I would further extrapolate that you continued that upward trend, despite the 
new set, which very well could have been working, but you only bolused one 
unit.  (and what is your insulin to bg ratio - I am 1 unit for 65 points, so 
1 unit would have been good for me)

Also, did you check again before you went to bed?  If you had, you might have 
seen that upward trend sooner...but anyway...so you woke up at 3am to find 
420.  12 units would have brought me to about -350 from 420 , but I am not 
sure what your ratio is...based on that you gave 1 unit to lower a 205, i 
assume you are somewhere in the 1 : 50-60 range.  In any event, you then went 
to sleep.  A suggestion for next time, force yourself to stay awake...make 
sure you are going DOWN when you are that high.  

I also would have set my alarm for 2 hours later, ESPECIALLY after giving 12 
units....It might be my incorrect guess, but perhaps it WAS too much for you, 
and you CRASHED at 530 am but didnt awake to catch it as you were so drained 
from the previous high.  And AT the 530 am crash, your body AGAIN dumped in a 
load of sugar, causing you to wake up high at 9am...Now all this is 
assuption, cuz obviously you aren't wearing a glucose sensor...another reason 
we should all ahve them, right?

Now as for the rest of the day being like tigger...bouncy bouncy up up up...I 
don't really know...the stress of all that oculd have had an affect...I know 
changing my site 4 times in one day would send my bp through the roof not to 
mention my bg.

So, chalk it up to experience...next time, test a LOT more when you are that 
high...don't let yourself fall asleep if you can help it...lots of things can 
go wrong.  And really try a few OTHER things FIRST befor eyou just do a site 
change.  chances are very good that it isn't the site, but something else...

Good luck

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