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[IP] Re: Diet Coke

Ok, I've been reading all this diet coke stuff, and I've gotta put in my own
quarters worth (2 cents doesn't get ya what it used too!).
I drink at least 8 diet cokes, WITH CAFFEINE every day.  My BG is fine.  My
last 4 HbA1c's have been 6.0, which is non diabetic levels according to my
lab.  My last pre pump A1c was 11.5.  I don't think it's the diet coke that
is raising your BG, I think there is some other factor that is being either
overlooked, or simply undiscovered.
Yeah, I know, that's a lot of diet coke, but I also drink a lot of water,
and if caffeine is my only addiction, I think I'm doing pretty good,
considering what I used to do.....  <g>
So, stop with the bad rap on my beverage of choice!  LOL

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