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[IP] Re: diet coke

I have been reading this diet coke thread with interest since it
began. I'll tell you all what happened to me. I recently bought a
12 pack of what I *thought* was diet caffeine-free coke. BUT it
was *regular* caffeine-free coke. The packaging on both is the
same - gold - so I (in my rush and with several kids with me) did
not notice that I grabbed regular instead of diet. I didn't
realize the mistake until my non-D kids started drinking it and I
got onto them for drinking their sister's soda. (Oooops!) Now I
always check and double check before I get to the checkout with
it to make sure I grabbed the right one (and leaving the kids at
home helps! Hehehehehe!) I never thought I would ever make a
mistake like that but it happens (I am not saying that this is
the case with you all that are having problems with diet coke,
this is just what happened to me.) 

My daughter has never had any problems with diet coke raising the
bgs, that I can remember.  

RoseLea said:
RoseLea, who still drinks Diet Coke without a problem...

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) due 4/12
"May I walk with Beauty before me. May I walk with Beauty behind
me. May I walk with Beauty above me. May I walk with Beauty below
me. May I walk with Beauty all around me. As I walk the Beauty
way." Navajo prayer
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