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Re: [IP] Diet Coke raising BS!

Nee123 wrote:

>>I haven't had diet coke in about 2 weeks, been trying to cut down on the
caffeine so I've been drinking diet sprite,  and let me tell you, my sugars
have never been better.  They range from 80-115 all day.  Normally they
from 150-250.  A miracle for me.  I'm glad someone brought it to my
attention.  Thanks so much.  I coudn't figure out what the heck was going
on.  <<

I think that Diet Coke is getting a bad rap here.  I drink it all the time
(caffeine free since I also don't need the caffeine) and my bgs are great.
They are mostly in the 80-120 range all day unless I stupidly miscalculate a
bolus.  And with only .08g of carb per 8 oz. I don't think it would raise bg
significantly.  Now, if there was a mistake in bottling (as was the case in
April with Classic Coke being bottled in Diet Coke 2 litre bottles) that
might cause a problem.  Now I don't know if the caffeine can make a
difference, but Diet Coke itself should not raise bgs.  There,
I've said it... my 2 cents worth.

RoseLea, who still drinks Diet Coke without a problem...

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