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[IP] Re: Diabetes and Menstration

I'm the only TI in my family (dx'd on my 12th
birthday), also started my period on my 12th birthday.
My older sister was 9 when she started, and my middle
sister was 17. I wouldn't worry, I think it just
depends on the girl.

 Curious here -- wondering if any of you ladies with
d, or 
the parents of a
> young lady with d noticed that menstruation onset
age was 
later than usual or
> expected. I'm not really worried, yet, and neither
Amy's endo, but she
> just turned 14 and has yet to have a period, but
puberty at about 11.
> Myself and her sister both started at 12, so just 
wondering. Any opinions??
> Sue
> PS - Amy's A1c today was 7.2, down from 7.8, and her

personal goal was 7.3,
> so she's happy!! With her swimming and soccer (2
now), I'm happy with
> that too!

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