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Re: [IP] passing out in the gravy boat


email @ redacted wrote:

> Great post Maureen.
> what a horrible experience and how sad that it had to be a relative by
> marriage that came to your aid.
> Just think on the positive side, if at all possible (though I do hate people
> that say things like  - "oh think positive...it isn't THAT bad, is it?"  well
> g*d damn it, actually maybe it IS that bad!!)  At least this year, on the
> pump, you don't have to bolus at all until you actually sit down in front of
> the meal.  That way, if they burn everything up due to a drink too many, you
> won't pass out in the car on the way to McDonalds!
> Sara SP

And whether I was on injections or the pump, I learned to not give insulin until
I knew the food was going to the table (and that was without alcohol being
involved).  There were many times that I had to eat before the meal was ready....

And then there was the time while loading a moving truck at my mom's house that I
asked for some OJ....  I needed it now and she was calmly trying to thaw out the
frozen juice... Simply grabbed some smarties and made use of the OJ at a later

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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