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[IP] Rules of the road

Every organization has rules. We do too. These rules are not in place to 
cause you pain and frustration, but to help maintain the free flow of 
information with the least amount of disruption.

1. One of the biggest complaints that we get is "too much mail". You can 
help reduce the volume of mail by:

	a. Keeping threads on topic. Move non-related material to
	private mail instead. The poster's personal email address is
	in the header of every message.

	b. Refrain from posting "me too", "congratulations", "way to
	go", "we're right behind you", etc. messages. Send these
	privately instead.

2. Another sore spot is the huge physical size of the mail. Not everyone 
lives in a large metropolitan area where their ISP is just a local phone 
call. A large number of people live in areas where it's a toll call. The 
clock is ticking every time they download their mail. Not everyone has 
unlimited Internet access either. You can help reduce the size of mail by:

	a. Not using HTML or stylized text, many email programs cannot
	read these types of formats and they add significantly to the
	size of each message. Use plain text only.

	b. Clipping the quotations. It's not necessary to repeat the
	whole message and all the footers when you reply, just include
	enough of the original message so that people know what you're
	replying to.

	c. Not posting messages with attachments. Not only do they
	increase the size of your message dramatically, but they will
	probably get bounced by our system. If you have something
	relevant to pumping that you want to share, post an
	announcement on the list and ask those who are interested to
	write you privately. Then send the attachments privately to
	those who ask for it.

	d. By reducing or eliminating long signature lines. These
	often add needless bulk to mail. Although each one may not
	seem like a lot, the cumulative effect over hundreds of
	messages can take it's toll.

3. Although we encourage everyone to express their opinions, experiences 
and ideas... personal attacks (flames) are not allowed. You can help reduce 
tensions by:

	a. Disagreeing in a calm and non-judgement way.

	b. Realizing that someone who has a different opinion is not
	necessarily wrong. There is more than one way of looking at
	just about everything.

	c. Respecting others and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

	d. Using emoticons like :-) and other representations like
	<vbg>, <lol>, <grin> to represent humor. People can't always
	tell that you're really smiling otherwise.

Those who continually violate these rules may privately get a friendly 
reminder from one or more our admins. Please do not get offended if you 
accidentally get reminders from different admins for the same thing. It's 
not done on purpose. All of our admins are volunteers working 
independently, often in totally different parts of the world. We help out 
in between jobs, family, hypos and other things that happen in life. The 
admins are all pumpers, or parents of pumpers, just like you. If you get a 
reminder, please remember that we are not picking on you personally, just 
trying to make this list a better place for all of us.

I would encourage everyone to read 
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/netiquette.shtml prior to posting. It has a 
lot of common sense guidelines that will make everyone's life much easier.

Thanks for your cooperation and happy pumping.

(and, all the rest of the admins, who are trying to keep this list going 
for you)

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml