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[IP] eeek is that sugar?

Why are the people who are so ignorant on diabetes or any subject for that matter, seem to be the most vocal about it??  My neighbor would love to get a pump for her little girl, especially after hearing Braden is getting one, but the child is scared to death of the  pump for whatever reason.  And to beat it all,  the child's aunt, a nurse, came over yesterday and scared her even more, saying she would NEVER put a child on a pump blah blah blah.  Note that she doesn't work with diabetic patients so what made her the sudden expert.  I don't understand.  I saw the child's grandmother today just as Braden was putting a 5 carb gumball in his mouth.  Is he allowed to have that???? she said.  Give me a break.  I told her that he'd just finished a brownie also.  :o)
Mom to Braden, diabetic rebel, 4