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Re: [IP] Saturday....in the park...no its not the 4th of july

> I really hope that all of you that are in the area make the commitment to
> go and then make an attempt to get a group started.>

By all means--get a group started!!  They are great--my wife and I have only
missed 1 meeting since I got on the pump last Sept. and then only because we
physically could not get there.  We drive 80 miles one way to Tucson, AZ to
attend it--getting home about 10 PM.  Our meetings last about 1 hour with a
30 min. pre-meeting brown bag gathering with the group sponsor (the nurse
who was my trainer and founder of the group).

We have great interaction with all those that attend.  We even have
snowbirds that attend when they are in the area.  We have 2 great endos that
support the group by coming now and then to speak to us.  We have had a rep
from Precision Meters that brought us all free Precision Xtra machines with
100 free strips.  This machine also has strips that test blood
ketones--which is a first in the industry.

So we have lots of neat things that go on at the meetings not to mention all
the great support it is for each other and even for spouses that come and

We usually have some come that are interested in learning more about the
pump.  In fact we brought our neighbor and her husband last time.  They were
very impressed and informed.  Last time my wife printed links for this email
club and passed them out to the members of the group.

We meet on the first Tues. of each month.  So go for it!

PS--So far everyone has come fully clothed.  Also my wife who reads these
emails said that if Sara keeps up like she was this week--she may need to
change her handle to--Sara-Smarty no-Pants!

email @ redacted
Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99
....and loving it

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