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RE: [IP] The skinny on Diet Coke

I finally feel the need to get in on this conversation more seriously.  My
concern when this thread started was that when the diet coke issue was
brought up with the manufacturer they came back with the claim that diet can
fit almost any description as long as it has less fat/calories/carbs then
the "original".  So what if it has sugar...

My concern lies in the fact that I have yet to see a diet coke can that
didn't have this on the label:

VERY LOW SODIUM, 30mg OR LESS PER 240ml (8fl oz.)
Nutrional Facts
Serv. Size 1 Can
Amount Per Serving
Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 40mg
Total Carb 0g
Protein 0g

My concern is that if I got one of those cans that did have carbs in it and
I did check the label, that the label would not be updated.  Anything above
.5g has to be listed.  

For example:
I occasionally like to drink Diet Cape Cod Cranberry Soda, it has 2g per
can.  If I drink one nothing usually happens, if I drink 10 I need to bolus
for the 20g.  

My guess is that if the diet coke was shooting you up into the 400s, it was
really Coke Classic.  Otherwise I would you have a case of fraud against
coke for mislabeling their cans.  Something that would definitely be
addressed by the FDA.

Another question is where are yours bottled?  Mine are all bottled in
Atlanta, GA.  

On the same note...I lied above.  I have seen a diet coke can with different
information.  When I was on vacation in the Bahamas I bought a twelve pack
of diet coke.  When I opened one to share with my mom, she took a sip and
said it tasted kind of funny.  So she checked the can.  Their cans were
bottled in Nassau and had a combination of Aspartame and Saccharin as the
sweeteners.  Good thing she checked because I am allergic to Saccharin.
Probably never would have looked since I know here they don't have it. 

-- Sherry
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