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Re: [IP] Backpacking trip

I've been backpacking both pre- and post- pump.  I certainly don't test
every two hours, but do so more often than I normally would.

Backpacking is of course good exercise, and so while doing the actual
hiking I've lowered my basals and/or eaten more.  I take extra of
everything -- the one time I didn't, my meter flaked out and I was
plenty uncomfortable not being able to test!  I try to keep some kind of
quick-acting carbs that are unopened in the tent, and just hope that a
bear is not attracted to it.

My backpacking trips have been easy, short things -- hike a few miles,
set up camp, and day-hike on any interim days.  On a longer multi-day
trip where camp is being broken each morning and set up each evening, I
think I'd do more lowering of basals and "under-covering" of the carbs
in meals.  I also make sure to eat fat in the evening meal -- nights are
usually cold, and it takes more energy to stay warm sleeping outside
(even in the appropriate tent and sleeping bag) than inside your house.

--Karen Lipinsky
Boulder, CO

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