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[IP] Saturday....in the park...no its not the 4th of july

On Fri, 11 Aug 2000 my daughter email @ redacted wrote:

>just to remind NYC people...we are meeting at the carousel in Central Park at
>12 noon tomorrow. So far, me and Alecia and her BF, and maybe a few
>others....maybe not?

>I promise to come fully clothed

I appreciate the fact that you are all willing to conform for someone old 
(like me) but this Saturday meeting stuff has got to go. Can we try next time 
on a weekday evening or even if necessary a Sunday??  I don't want to get 
struck by lightning: my pump probably won't like it!  (It didn't like getting 
a 120 shock in a darkroom once from the enlarger) (don't touch the 'hot' part 
of the enlarger when you are in the dark (or even the light)).

Yerachmiel who still remembers that ringing feeling in his hand and who can't 
to this day understand why there WAS a 'hot' part to that enlarger.

 The opinions expressed here are mine and no one elses.

 If you like them you have my permission to use them as
 long as my wife gets credit for any good ideas (who I
 probably got them from in the first place)

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