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Re: [IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

I've read all these postings about Diabetes Misconceptions.  I guess I'm
very glad and lucky that none of the people I know and associate with have
any conceptions of diabetes because in all the years I have had D, I've
never had anyone question what I ate.  I guess all my friends and
acquaintances figure I know what I'm doing and if I do choose to have
something I shouldn't it's MY choice.  I have had D so long (37 years) that
no one even thinks about it anymore.  Besides, they all know me and my
personality and know if they question my judgement they may incur my wrath!
LOL  Anyways, everyone has been very interested in my pump and no one
questions how I use it either.  I guess they all figure I know what I'm
doing more than they do.  Guess I'm just lucky.  :o)


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