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[IP] Well, when DO we get to stop doing that?

Alecia Wesner wrote:
> My favorite was when a VERY well informed
> friend asked when do I get to stop doing that????!!!!

But I wanna know the same thing!  When do we get to stop doing that??? 

When do I get to stop poking my fingers and other body parts??  When do
I get to stop thinking about how many carbs I'm eating PLUS how much fat
is there, and what part of my daily insulin sensitivity cycle I'm at,
and how much exercise have I REALLY done, etc. etc. etc.?????

And when do I get to stop thinking about whether I'm starting to go low,
having a hot flash, or just sweating for the hell of it??

I think your friend asked a LOVELY question, if only I knew the answer
to it!


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