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Re: [IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating Pump Misconceptions

Lisa B. Gogan wrote:
>I was telling one of my relatives that we were
> getting my second son tested to see if he has any of the diabetes
> antibodies and that I was very concerned... while we were talking she
> said well if he does have it, at least you know how to deal with it!!. I
> was so hurt and just wanted to hang up on her.  In fact, I don't think I
> heard a single word she said after that, I was so fuming!


Please take this as an honest attempt to learn and understand:

Why were you so angry? 

I find myself having the same reaction as your relative: if Brenden
should get diabetes (and I PRAY that he doesn't!), I'm glad that he
lives in a family that knows how to deal with it, and I'm grateful that
he has a mother who loves him so much and cares for him so well. Even
though it's a very difficult time for you, it's obvious that you care
deeply for your innocent children, and you are doing your very best to
take excellent care of them, no matter what. There are many other
families that don't work nearly so hard as you do to care for their
children, diabetic or not, and I do wish every child had a mother as
involved as you! 

I suspect that's what your relative was trying to say.  

Even at your most scared, frustrated, difficult times,  I think you need
to remind yourself that you're doing a GREAT job, and that you have the
ability to cope and survive. You don't have to LIKE it -- personally I
HATE diabetes! -- but you should be proud of yourself for being among
the BEST of parents, and remember that nearly everyone, no matter how
clumsily they say it, admires you and prays for the best for Andrew and

Hang in there, 'cause *I* think you're WORLD-CLASS!!!!
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