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[IP] The skinny on Diet Coke

Ok, there's been a lot of discussion about a trace of sugar being found in
Diet Coke.  Since I'm a Diet Coke drinker I wanted to get some information
on this, so I called the Diet Coke Consumer Information Hotline at
1-800-438-2653 (the number is on the can).  I spoke with a representative
there who told me that there is a trace of sugar in Diet Coke, .08g in 8 oz.
Now, using my math, if there is 4g of carb in 4g of sugar (1 teaspoon) then
there is .08g of carb in 8 oz of Diet Coke.  Now, if .08g of carb is enough
to raise someone's bg to over 300 after drinking a Diet Coke, then I think
that they need to have their basals looked into perhaps?  IMO that amount
should not cause a large increase in bg.  I was also told by the Coke rep
that the FDA only requires that sugar be listed as an ingredient if it's
more than 5g in the product.  They are sending me a brochure which contains
this information, if anyone is interested email me and I'll scan it for you
when I get it and email it to you.  I'll probably get flamed for this but
this is my 2 cents worth and what I found out on the Diet Coke issue.

RoseLea and Max, who still drinks Diet Coke.

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