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RE: [IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

email @ redacted [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I think most diabetics deal with this sort of ignorance during their
> lives.  I know I have.  I encountered the situation Alecia 
> mentions below
> many times.  However, I had a few words with the women b/f 
> they left the
> restroom.  I remember telling one woman she should be ashamed 
> of herself.
> I told her that it was hard enough being diabetic and I 
> didn't appreciate
> having to explain myself to her.

Most of you have been diabetic much longer than I have been (LADA,
diagnosed* November 1997).

But I've deliberately taken the attitude that, given virtually *any*
opportunity, I will attempt to educate.  Most effective for me so far,
particularly when someone mentions about what I can or cannot eat, is a
puzzled expression, and then mutter something like, "Why *shouldn't* I eat
that?  I'm in good control as long as I know *what* I'm eating."  And then,
depending on the reaction, go from there.

> Once in a hotel swimming pool a couple grabbed their children 
> and glared at
> my cannula site as they rushed out of the water.  My sister 
> overheard the
> woman saying that people with AIDS should have the decency 
> not to inflict
> their disease on others.  

Well, of course I agree with that sentiment (about not passing HIV disease
on to others), but *where* did she/they get the idea that an infusion site
means AIDS?

> He said
> a few other things to them that made me smile.

Hey!  No fair!  Just what *did* he say?  I'd like to smile, too.
> of our skin.  One man wrote on this subject a few month ago on the IP
> list.  He said, "Usually I consider the source and then disregard the
> comment."  This has been the best advice yet.  Don't let them 
> get you down.

Similar to "Never attribute to malice anything that can be attributed to
stupidity or ignorance."

While I'm on a roll (or am I on a role?), seen on a bumper sticker
yesterday: "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!"

*I was actually diagnosed as type 2 as I fit the classic profile: overweight
and sedentary.  As my weight came down and I exercised more, I was able to
get good control with diet and exercise -- for about six months.  Then I
went back on oral meds which helped a little.  The kicker was when Rezulin
didn't have any impact on my control, at which time my endo (Joshua Barzilay
at Kaiser Permanente Georgia) ordered the antibody tests and lo and behold,
I was/am positive.  I've been on insulin ever since, getting my pump last

TGIF and POETS (translation privately upon request)!

Jim Handsfield
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