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Re: [IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

I really doubt that it does...At least most have had the grace to be
embarrassed by their ignorence whe all was explained to them.  I think
you're right that she's jealous of your pump and if she keeps eating the
"real" whipping Cream, just how overweight is she?

As this thread is going on for some time, I have grown up "different" all my
life because of the eyesight and have been excluded from everything as a
kid....Even the noble Girl Scouts would not take me in, and I can empathise
with people here albeit on a different level, but still the same: Ignorant
little tiny minds.
But I survive, why should we stay away just to make life easier on them? If
they don't want to deal with us, and they want to treat us like the Mutants
in "X-Men, fine....Let Them stay indoors...I've too much living to do.
I think we all concur on that opinion.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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