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Re: [IP] Saturday....in the park...no its not the 4th of july

I really hope that all of you that are in the area make the commitment to 
go and then make an attempt to get a group started.  I say this because I 
go to a group here once a month and they have given me so much and helped 
me so much.  This list is great to, yet meeting people in person can be so 
helpful too.  I use to go to this meeting when it worked into my schedule, 
now I work my schedule around it.  I always have a GREAT time and learn 
something new.  We laugh a lot and learn a lot.  Get live hugs.  I just 
can't say enough good things about having a good group to go too.  Last 
Tuesday was our meeting.  I had a really bad day, gastro was doing it's 
best to keep me down or in the bathroom.  :-)  Anyway, I wasn't going to go 
but I did, and it was the best thing I did.  For two hours I had nothing 
but support, love, and laughter and didn't even think about how crappy I 
felt.  OK, I'll get off my soap box.

Have a GREAT time everyone, wish I was closer so I could be there.

Fran, in AZ

>just to remind NYC people...we are meeting at the carousel in Central Park at
>12 noon tomorrow.  So far, me and Alecia and her BF, and maybe a few
>others....maybe not?
>come on, it will be fun.  Bring something to eat...I am bringing a towel and
>sunscreen in case it doesn't rain, and an umbrella cuz it is supposed to.

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