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Re: [IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

I think most diabetics deal with this sort of ignorance during their
lives.  I know I have.  I encountered the situation Alecia mentions below
many times.  However, I had a few words with the women b/f they left the
restroom.  I remember telling one woman she should be ashamed of herself.
I told her that it was hard enough being diabetic and I didn't appreciate
having to explain myself to her.  Every single time I got a full apology.
Although confronting these people may have been wrong in some peoples' eyes
it worked for me.

Once in a hotel swimming pool a couple grabbed their children and glared at
my cannula site as they rushed out of the water.  My sister overheard the
woman saying that people with AIDS should have the decency not to inflict
their disease on others.  My husband was very angry and walked over and
explained to them that I was a diabetic and it was not contagious.  He said
a few other things to them that made me smile.

My mother in law (whom is diabetic) insists on saying some catty comment
about my pump.  Once when she was making fruit salad her husband asked if
she wanted plain whipping creme or cool whip.  She angrily replied, "Not
all of us have an insulin pump.  Use the regular whipping creme!"  I was
sitting there wondering what the hell I had done to deserve that comment.
I think she was jealous of my pump.

The point is even if we were not diabetic we would run into some sort of
discrimination in life whether it be for braces on our teeth or the color
of our skin.  One man wrote on this subject a few month ago on the IP
list.  He said, "Usually I consider the source and then disregard the
comment."  This has been the best advice yet.  Don't let them get you down.
. .

Alecia Wesner wrote:

>  I went into a restaurant
> bathroom to take my shot.  There were 2 stalls and
> they were being used, so after waiting forever, I
> started filling my shot on the counter…Of course mid
> syringe fill this older woman comes out of the stall,
> looks at me and walks around me as though I had the
> plague.  She washed her hand and mumbled something
> about kids and DRUGS today!!!

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