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[IP] Catching up & "bent needle" tenders

Hey There!

I've been really checking the list in a "hit-or-miss" fashion the past week
or so, so in the catching up phase of the next few days, I may respond to a
few things that have already been very well answered.  My apologies in
advance for fostering redundancy...but I'm not seeing the time happening to
double check each & everything that I want to respond to to see if it's
already been covered.  Also, I owe a few people here individual
replies...please know I'm getting there - we're just kind of crawling out of
"computer h**l" here, & it's a slow & painful process...

Had a really bizarre occurance the other morning as I was changing sets.  I
use tenders, generally with no problem at all.  When I inserted, I felt that
little "push against something & then breakthrough give" that used to come
with injections once in a great while.  I always took that to mean I had
punctured something I couldn't see in there (oh, for X-ray vision!), & most
of the time the area would end up bruising.  This is the first time I've had
it happen with a set insertion.  Anyway, when I pulled out the introducer
needle, it was bent at an angle.  (Didn't go in that way!)  I went ahead &
bolused for the catheter & kept an eye on numbers...all seemed okay as far
as absorbtion, so I left it in.  Medical folks out there...any way to tell
what I'm actually hitting up against (this was abdomen)...whatever it is, it
must be pretty sturdy...&, should this kind of thing happen, is it a better
advised thing, do you think, to remove the set & go again, or to keep it?

A little "bent" here (like that's unusual!),

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