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Re: [IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

Gadzooks! the worst one of all is when a NURSE offers you cookies and says
"You can have brown sugar, it's Natural...." Yeah, so's Deadly Nightshade,
but I don't wish to ingest it.
Pork fat is also quite "natural" should I make a habit of eating it??? No,
don't think so...<G>
Rather amusing, I told one kid who kept bugging me about my pump at CoCo's
that "all the folks on my planet wear these"....He went back to his folks
and left me alone.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Alecia Wesner"
Subject: [IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

> I too know the pain of pump/diabetes misconceptions!
> As a teenager (pre-pump) I went into a restaurant
> bathroom to take my shot.  There were 2 stalls and
> they were being used, so after waiting forever, I
> started filling my shot on the counter.Of course mid
> syringe fill this older woman comes out of the stall,
> looks at me and walks around me as though I had the
> plague.  She washed her hand and mumbled something
> about kids and DRUGS today!!!  She practically ran out
> of the bathroom.  I was maybe 14 yrs old, and
> self-conscious and this certainly was upsetting.
To top it all off, her sister's a
> physician's assistant and has some really outdated
> knowledge of diabetes.Only adds to the GGGGGRRRRRR
> factor!!!
> My own aunt (a trained nurse) asked when I had "the
> surgery".uuuummmm WHAT?  So I explained that there's
> no pump surgery and I change the site every three days
> and she said "sounds like quite a hassle".Gee
> thanks!!!

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