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[IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating DIABETES Misconceptions

I too know the pain of pump/diabetes misconceptions! 
As a teenager (pre-pump) I went into a restaurant
bathroom to take my shot.  There were 2 stalls and
they were being used, so after waiting forever, I
started filling my shot on the counter…Of course mid
syringe fill this older woman comes out of the stall,
looks at me and walks around me as though I had the
plague.  She washed her hand and mumbled something
about kids and DRUGS today!!!  She practically ran out
of the bathroom.  I was maybe 14 yrs old, and
self-conscious and this certainly was upsetting.  It
would be years later that I would have the courage to
“shoot-up” in a public space.
My boyfriend’s mother still starves me whenever I eat
dinner at her house.  She has convinced herself that
everything I eat has to be sugar-free.  I sent her
information on counting carbohydrates and explained
why’s how’s, so she eliminated almost all carbs from
her dinners when I was around!  Yes, she obviously
listened to about 1/16 of what I said!  It’s gotten so
bad that I eat dinner there and then leave and get a
snack.  She seems upset if I say I need more food, as
though I’m criticizing her cooking (THAT’S an entirely
different topic).    To top it all off, her sister’s a
physician’s assistant and has some really outdated
knowledge of diabetes…Only adds to the GGGGGRRRRRR
After explaining countless times that the pump is NOT
an artificial/self regulated pancreas, I have had one
friend after another ask why I’m still testing my
BG!!!  My favorite was when a VERY well informed
friend asked when do I get to stop doing that????!!!!
GGGGRRRRR some more!  
My own aunt (a trained nurse) asked when I had “the
surgery”…uuuummmm WHAT?  So I explained that there’s
no pump surgery and I change the site every three days
and she said “sounds like quite a hassle”…Gee
Somebody recently said to me they didn’t realize
things had gotten this bad (i.e. that I NEEDED a
pump).  Nope, I just got a little smarter and got over
my fears of being attached to something!
Sadly, people always have misconceptions about
anything that’s “different”.  I figure an informed
person doesn’t necessarily equate to a thinking
person.  How many times do I see an obese person and
assume she/he needs to eat better and workout, instead
of thinking they might have a far greater medical
problem?  How often do I see people smoking and think
they just don’t have will power to quit?   Well, maybe
I have my own misconceptions too…. just a few thoughts
on an interesting subject.  -Alecia  

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