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Re: [IP] ADD and the pump

Hi Susan

All I can add to your comments at this moment is that the doctors
thought my son had ADD or ADHD.  He is only 4 so it's still hard to
tell.  He does have attention span problems, but, I find the same thing,
when he is in a good bgs range he has perfect behavior (for a 4 y/o
anyway) and listens better.  The 1st time I took him to a child
physocologist they told me he should be put on ritilin (spelling?).  I
told that Dr. to come up with a better plan or a different doctor.  I am
not doing ritilin unless it is the ultimate last resort for him.  

I really believe it has to do with his bgs.  Last week he spent most of
his time in the 200-300 range, he was horrible, nasty, and cranky even
at pre-school.  This week we are in much better control spending most of
our time in the 80 - 150 range and he has been a true joy!!  

And we also went to see a phyciatric MD to see if he could tell if the
behavior problems were a result of Andrew's medical problems (diabetes
and hyperthyroid) and he just felt that he was very "active", a very
touchy kind of kid. Likes to touch everything and know how it works.  He
didn't think that he needed meds right now to calm him down (really too
young) and that we just need to spend alot of our time with him,
teaching, talking, and working out the issues.  
I am convinced that if the pump will regulate his bgs and keep him
mostly within range we will see a big difference in our children.  We
await the pump - looks like Oct.

Mom to Andrew 4 y/o - dxd 14 mos.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hello,
> Saturday,we went to a pump meeting and have now completed all the
> survey/questionaries that let the diabetic team "judge" our level of
> intelligence.  I think the next stage will be an application for the pump.
> This sure takes a LOT of paperwork!!!  Our class was 2 1/2 hours and we were
> very pleased with all the information we gathered but sure would like to move
> faster with this process.
> Today Cory was dx'd as ADD.  We had begun some evaluation back in the spring
> and are just now getting the results. I've been reading all the posts
> regarding how you feel when high or low.  I know for a fact the blood sugar
> levels affect Cory's attention span and he is fluctating contiously.  I don't
> think a true ADD evaluation can be made when he is in this condition. He was
> 375 when he met with the psycologist and 250 at the close of the session. He
> will be starting the 6th grade in a few weeks and he will have a major
> struggle at school UNLESS we can get some special accomdations going -- we've
> been working at that already for the last year and a half without much
> success.  The school is willing to write a 504 ON THEIR TERMS which does not
> meet his needs. This is in litigation. But my question here is --- has anyone
> had the experience of being put on meds for ADD only to find they were not
> needed when blood sugars were more stable?
> Susan
> Grand-mom to Cory
> age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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