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Re: [IP] A Long Vent On Frustrating Pump Misconceptions

In a message dated 8/10/00 11:58:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Why can't people place themselves in another person's
 shoes and try to be more understanding?
   When you've figured out the answer to THAT one, you'll be 3/4 of the way 
to resolving world peace! Sorry to say but most people lack that capacity to 
be truly empathetic, so you have to adapt a "filtering mechanism" in your 
head that just tunes out all those naive relatives. Their reaction to your 
"newfangled pump" et al is no different than the justification for most 
things that people react differently to: i.e. fear of the unknown.
   On the other hand, my Melissa's JDF WALK letter was mailed to over 500 
friends, family, neighbors, etc. this week. Yesterday she received a $25 
check from someone who usually sends $10. Her reason for the increase: her 
husband also suffers from an autoimmune disease (Goucher's disease) & 
Melissa's comment about how "even the most well-intentioned family member 
can't truly understand what it means to live with this condition day in & day 
out" touched her deeply, because she too knows she can't walk in her 
husband's shoes. So for all the people who DON'T get it ( and they are 
definitely in the majority), occasionally there IS a brief glimmer of light & 
that's about all any of us can hope for.
Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump mom & advocate & envelope stuffer)
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