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Re: [IP] Blood Sugar Meters/Tracking Software: Latest/Greatest

You're right the Gluco pilot is all manually entered, that's what I was
saying that we should get the palm people to make a device to check our
blood and log it in. <G>-automatically of course!
   The Accu-Check Instant =Roche Labs....same folks that make the Advantge,

   I use the WinGlucoFacts exclusively and I too use the H-TRON pump. Yes,
it takes a bit of time, to tend to this condition, but heck, dialysis
requires 8hrs a day 3x/weekly. Are we really That short of time to begrudge
ourselves a few moments a day to do our thing?
  I admit I'm probably not as VIP as you to be so busy all day, I'm just an
average person who will say "no" a few times to folks if it means
interfering in my current projects.
   The GlucoWatch is the thing that comes to mind re; instant without
blood...It's not available yet, but soon will be, the backing things where
the Glucose is read are $4-5.00 each, they require 3 hours of calibration,
to your body, and so far but soon, no downloading feature.  The makers of
the gluco watch told our pumper's group that you'd still have to use a
conventional meter for tests and calibrations.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Kimberly Stocker"
Subject: [IP] Blood Sugar Meters/Tracking Software: Latest/Greatest

> Hi there - Many thanks for the reply.
I'm very technically proficient
> - I'm just time challenged.) I'm wanting to gather the data, as easily
> as possible, then dump it into a program for analysis (without any
> rekeying of information.)

It doesn't interface the pump I use (I use a Disetronic H-Tron
> Plus V100).
> Based on your post, I checked out the WinGlucoFacts site, but couldn't
> tell how much capability it has. Do you use it exclusively to track
> blood sugar trends? Or, can you also enter (or download) info from your
> insulin dosages? How is it for convenience and time?
> I couldn't find anything on the "Instant" you referenced. Who makes it?
> Thanks for the tip on the Palm Pilot. I did a search and found
> "GlucoPilot" diabetes management software, however, it looked like you
> have to enter everything in manually, which I'm not going to take the
> time to do. (Any feedback anyone has on this one would be appreciated!
> *smile*)
> Again, thanks for the reply.
> Kimberly

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