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[IP] Blood Sugar Meters/Tracking Software: Latest/Greatest

To:  Jennifer Sutherland <email @ redacted>

Hi there - Many thanks for the reply.

When I say 20 seconds is too long, I should be more specific: I'm
grateful for how far testing has come, but -- like all of us -- wish
there were something that is instant. I'd heard about something that was
being developed (other than the Animus implant) where you could test
your sugar instantly without needing blood.

I'm wanting extensive tracking capability that is easier to use than the
AccuChek Complete or Lifescan Profile. (I'm very technically proficient
- I'm just time challenged.) I'm wanting to gather the data, as easily
as possible, then dump it into a program for analysis (without any
rekeying of information.)

Based on a response from another reader (thanks Nick!) I learned of a
program called "Mellitus Manager". I checked out their site, and learned
they interface with numerous types of meters as well as several of the
MiniMed pumps -- with the downloading capability I'm looking for. It
sounds like a great program, however, although it works the the monitor
I use, it doesn't interface the pump I use (I use a Disetronic H-Tron
Plus V100).

Based on your post, I checked out the WinGlucoFacts site, but couldn't
tell how much capability it has. Do you use it exclusively to track
blood sugar trends? Or, can you also enter (or download) info from your
insulin dosages? How is it for convenience and time?

I couldn't find anything on the "Instant" you referenced. Who makes it?

Thanks for the tip on the Palm Pilot. I did a search and found
"GlucoPilot" diabetes management software, however, it looked like you
have to enter everything in manually, which I'm not going to take the
time to do. (Any feedback anyone has on this one would be appreciated!

Again, thanks for the reply.


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