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[IP] Where I've been

email @ redacted wrote:
> AND welcome back Natalie...where have you been?

Japan and China, to be exact. Studying Tai Chi, and Chinese, and
visiting friends in Japan. 

And eating all the delicacies I could get my hands on!  :)

Szechuan cooking is good for the diet -- it's SO spicy that after 3
bites you can't eat any more because your mouth hurts so much! But those
3 bites ARE delicious! :) They eat a lot of rice and noodles with
vegetables and meat as a condiment. So I had a few problems with BGs
rocketing and plunging because for me,  Humalog DOESN'T match the

I had a couple of unexpected lows because of the time change (15 hours
one way, 9 hours the other), and irritated my roommate by eating crunchy
potato chips in the dark in the middle of the night, but they were all
my addled brain could find (there was a full bottle of regular Coke on
the nightstand). 

In China, they drive like maniacs, and I wouldn't want to try to compete
-- however I did manage to master the fine art of crossing the street,
which is a skill for the quick of eye and nimble of foot -- they DON'T
stop for pedestrians! 

Tai Chi was a wonderful exercise -- the master was a tiny man aged 70,
graceful and agile and patient, and speaking about 20 words of English.
That, plus my 9 words of Chinese were all the communication we had! I
discovered that I'm reasonably good at imitating movement, but have
exactly no memory for it -- I never could do the routine by myself!
Sometimes doing something that you have no talent for is good -- keeps
you humble!

Trying to retain that humility!
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