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RE: [IP] understand


This is a very perceptive post. I know that I have scared my poor wife half
out of her wits sometimes when I have been low. I let my sugar get way out
of control high once too. I was no picnic when that happened, either for my
wife or for myself. It was a very bad period in my life. I think this is why
I struggle so hard to keep it in control now. I'm like a Jekyl/Hyde when I
don't. Can't be much fun to live with, no matter how pure or noble one's
motives are. Thank God for understanding spouses.

P.S. I appreciate your successful bolus.


> Now I am not saying we are all alcoholics, but living with
> us, and loving us
> must be like dealing with an alcoholic or drug addict.
> Always wondering
> WHICH carb is gonna be the one to put us over the edge...As
> long as we stay
> on the straight and narrow....live a sorta of regulated life
> (testing often,
> doing what we ought to do). We are pleasant, normal,
> significant additions to
> society (well some of us are...).  But when we have a bad day
> of bg, whether
> due to our OWN laziness (raising my ice cream covered hand),
> or a machine's
> malfunction (which is usually again attributable to our own
> mistakes.....),
> we can be pretty crappy house mates, friends and co-workers.

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