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[IP] understand

David wrote
> elieves that my lows are personal attacks on her. Her father was 
>  alcoholic and she relates his coming home drunk with my going low.
> SNIP  I would never go low on purpose, but I can't seem to 
> make her understand this.

I would be willing to bet her Dad didn't get drunk "on purpose" either.  My 
experience with alcoholics is that it is pretty uncontrollable...and once you 
do get a grasp on it, you cling to the edge for a long time...I am sure when 
he was sober, he would apologize and try to make her understand his 
situation, and he would tell his AA group (if he went) that "he doesn't do it 
on purpose, but he can't seem to make her understand...."

Now I am not saying we are all alcoholics, but living with us, and loving us 
must be like dealing with an alcoholic or drug addict.  Always wondering 
WHICH carb is gonna be the one to put us over the edge...As long as we stay 
on the straight and narrow....live a sorta of regulated life (testing often, 
doing what we ought to do). We are pleasant, normal, significant additions to 
society (well some of us are...).  But when we have a bad day of bg, whether 
due to our OWN laziness (raising my ice cream covered hand), or a machine's 
malfunction (which is usually again attributable to our own mistakes.....), 
we can be pretty crappy house mates, friends and co-workers. 

We have all read the "funny" LOW stories on here and what many of us have put 
friends and family through...how is it different from living with an 
alcoholic?  "Yeah I was so blitzed I answered the door naked, and there stood 
my husband and his mother, then I passed out and found myself in an ambulance 
on the way to the hospital."  "I was driving down the highway and next thing 
I knew, I was on the side in the ditch and I don't remember hitting 
anything." Could these person have been hypo or drunk...take your pick!

so, just something to think about, next time we want to inflict ourselves on 
others,  and feel like they don't "understand" us....I just see it as even 
MORE of a reason to do my utmost to stay AWAY from hypo....I would suggest to 
David to maybe RAISE his target level a tiny bit, so he doesn't get too low 
for a while...avoid freaking her out for a while...re-establish her trust.  a 
goal of 100-150 isn't not going to do that more damage than 80-120

who ate all the ice cream but doesn't have a significant other to share her 
successful bolusing with...wahhh...

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