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[IP] Re: Mental clarity!!!!

> These posts have brought up a question I have had for a number of
years and
> don't really know if there is an answer. My significant other honestly

> believes that my lows are personal attacks on her. Her father was an
> alcoholic and she relates his coming home drunk with my going low. I
have not
> been able to change her thinking and it really brings me down. I would
> go low on purpose, but I can't seem to make her understand this.

> David

You are not alone.  Sometimes, from seeing all of the supportive so's, I
have felt like the only one without.  None of us, at least on this list,
are alone.  My (now ex) wife feels that I go low on purpose, or fake it
and use it for an excuse.  Whenever she doesn't agree with me, it is
because I am low and she can ignore it.  Once I told her I was low,
hoping for her to help  me get a glucose tab.  Instead, she verbally
attacked me, making it even more difficult.  I ended up calling Metro,
so that nothing physical would happen.  My adrenaline was pumping so
much, it must have been oozing out (or it was the sweat from the low)..

My whole life (last 34 years anyway) has been dedicated to proving that
dm is no hindrance to me.  The last day of work I missed was from having
severe frost bite (I'm in Las Vegas now) 25 years ago, and have never
missed work due to dm.  When I'm told I'm faking it, to get out of
something, I really wonder why I've been trying so hard.

I think that my problem was that I tried to make it look too easy.
Before marriage, she thought that the only problem was that I had to go
into the restroom before meals to check my bg's.  I have never, ever
tried to hide it, but I should have been more forthright that 'in
sickness and in health' should be taken literally.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.
 - Tom Clancy

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